What do you get when you sign up


Smart Digital Card

The KLAZIKO digital card contains your contact information, a miniature website with the information of your product or service, your curiculum and your customers can also call you, write you, access your social networks, see your website and much more.

Information editing

In case you change your phone number, email, charge, or any other information, you will be able to edit your card unlimitedly and it is best that this new information will be updated automatically on all the digital smart cards you have previously delivered so your clients will never lose you the trail.

Change of template

You can use any of our predesigned templates and change them as many times as you want to give a personalized touch to your card. With KLAZIKO digital smart cards your customers will hardly forget you.

Whatsapp and Social Media

You can have your messaging services such as WhatsApp, Skype and all your social networks on your card and your customers can send messages or access your networks from your smart card with just one click.

Mini Portfolio

You will have on your card a mini website with all the information pertinent to your company or business, your customers can see the products or services you sell, you can add testimonials, who are your customers and you can even add paid links so that your clients can Buy your products or services from the smart digital card.


You can have all the information corresponding to your Curriculum Vitae (resume) available on your card, you can choose if you make it visible on your card or not, you can also export it to PFD format in case you need it.


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